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In the Ditch Testimonials

“I have been using “In the Ditch” for several years and have found your dolly to be the best on the market. I remember using the old Holmes dollies and they were almost impossible to damage. The only problem was that they were not self-loading like we use now. I also used other dollies but they would not work as well as the Holmes. Many years ago a “self-loading dolly” (I cannot recall the brand name) came onto the market that required the use of a jack to lift the assembly into place, The theory was good but it also proved to be a self-unloading dolly when it would sometimes drop a vehicle during towing. It went into the trash and the old Holmes went back onto the truck.
Along came “In the Ditch” with a simple and dependable dolly. I have towed many vehicles without problem.
“In the Ditch” makes a fantastic product.
Thanks for your time and for your excellent products.”

~~Ed Johnson, Coliseum Towing Service, Virginia

“We absolutely feel that the Speed® Dolly was a great investment
We use them daily. I will insist on the Speed
® Dolly on my next truck.
My drivers absolutely love them!” 

~~ Atlas Towing, Nevada

“After purchasing our first set of Speed® Dollys, it took about a week to realize how much weight they were saving our drivers from lifting.  The ease of use, and the speed in which the dollies can be installed have made it an easy decision to remove all of the old dollies off our trucks and replace our entire fleet with the new Speed® Dolly.” 

~~ Lynden Skogsburg, Country Repair

“I have beat these things on gravel roads, and have abused them, and they haven’t let me down yet.  I will install the Speed® Dolly on every truck I ever own.  You have to be crazy to not spend the extra money to own a set of Speed® Dollys.  Your back will thank you!”

~~ Art, Valley Towing

“We’ve been using the Speed® Dolly for the last three weeks. I’m a driver and after using your dollies two to five times a day, I would never go back to any other brand of dollies.  These things are worth their weight in gold. I cannot describe how nice it is to have a lightweight, well balanced, easy to use dolly.  I especially like how the tires lock in the stored position. I just wanted to say THANKS for building a great product, that I had hoped somebody would build.” 

~~ Markus, Idaho