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SidePuller™ Testimonials

I’ve owned a SidePuller™ since 1998. I love the ease of operation and the fact that it works the first time, every time. The quality is incomparable.

~Joe at Best Rate Towing in Belgrade, MT

The biggest feature we were looking for when shopping for our last truck was the SidePuller™. They are always staying one step ahead of the game rather than following the market.

~Derek, Vista Service Towing, Moses Lake WA

I purchased a SP8000 on a IHC 4300 w/ JerrDan flatbed in 2005. This unit has been the best truck I ever owned. Not that I am overly impressed with the JerrDan flatbed, but the side puller has made me look good on many occasions, and has really made my life easier.
I’m pretty much a one man show and as a previous poster stated, don’t always have the option of calling out a second truck. The side puller takes the guesswork out of deciding what truck to take on a crash. Working off the side of the truck is sometimes an advantage in recoveries and you already have the flatbed there to transport so it really doesn’t matter how badly the casualty is damaged.
I spec’d mine with a wireless remote for both winches ( kind of an afterthought at the time) but that, IMO is a must. You can steer the casualty when winching and loading. This eliminates the customer asking “can I steer that for you?”

~Whitehall Body Shop & Auto Repair in Whitehall, MT

“BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT…we have one SP8000™ on a carrier, two SP8000™ on our wreckers, also an SP20,000™ on
our 35 Ton Heavy Wrecker!”
We are getting ready to add our 5th SidePuller which will be an SP12,000™.”

~Best Rate Towing, Montana

I use my SidePuller on a majority of recoveries. I do a lot of mountain recovery, and travel between 30 and 80 miles to a job. It’s just not feasible to bring two trucks. The SidePullers have been so useful to me that I won’t build another truck without one, whether it’s a wrecker or a carrier!

~Barrett “Bear” Godfrey, Newdale Towing, Idaho

Awesome piece of equipment! We started with an SP8000 on a carrier and found it so useful, we added an SP20,000 to both of our heavy wreckers. We now have two SP8000’s and two SP20,000’s

~Dan & Rick Morgan, Roadway Towing, Nevada

My SidePuller has been in service for over 10 years-being able to pull from the center is priceless. Because it’s so versatile, I know I can tackle multiple jobs at the same time. I recently rebuilt my truck from the ground up and all that I had to do to my SidePuller was a fresh coat of paint!

~Ron Pullen, Big Red Towing, New York

The SidePuller is my main piece of equipment that I’m sure will enhance my business because based on my experience over the years…some of the situations I get in, I can do the job with that truck where a lot of times it might call for a backup cable truck to alleviate the situation. Now I can do it all with one unit.

~Johnny, Yearwood Automotive, Georgia

Here is Seth from Hanser’s posing with his new truck with the SP8000 on it.
He calls the truck The Sidewinder.


“CHP Recovery for a motorcycle 150 feet
over the side. The fireman who rigged the
motorcycle is shown using the SP8000
remote control for the last 20 feet.
The motorcycle driver, a young man
in his early 20’s received a broken leg
and a $20,000 bill for the
helicopter ride out to the hospital.
The SP8000 blew them away!!”

Ken Morse
Lifesaver Towing
Santa Cruz California

~Lifesaver Towing, California

This is our first really good over the side recovery done in 2007. Vehicle was over the side 50 feet, 45% grade and she only blocked 1 partial lane for the recovery. About a 4000 pound car, not mired and in hard California dirt.
Must be gold in those hills! What a machine, never a grunt!

Ken Morse
Lifesaver Towing Santa Cruz California

~Lifesaver Towing, California

It is a great unit. I could not believe the power it has. The container although was partial full it was with concrete. Plus we had the resistance of the mud, hydraulic system & water to deal with. When we got the truck into position, flipped the spade down,and sunk the legs down. We then ran our snatch blocks & wire rope. Once we started winching it didn’t want to stop! I could have pulled it right to me if we wanted. This was the first real test I have done with the unit & it worked great! Any truck we get new will now have an SP unit on it.

KW Wrecker Service
Warren Driscoll

~KW Wrecker Service, Florida

To Whom it May Concern:

On June 10th 2005 Drummond Towing of Drummond Montana was responding to a USAC call south of Drummond, About mile post 37 my scanner went off about a car/truck accident just a few miles ahead of me at the intersection of Skalkaho Rd. and Montana 1. As I rounded the curve and looked up the straight a way I could see some vehicles in the middle of the road, as I drove closer I could see a Fed Ex Van in the ditch on the right side of the road and a Dodge mini van with major front end damage cross ways in the road. People were climbing out of the mini van, and smoke and steam was pouring off the exposed engine.

I then started thinking I have just the tool he needs on my flat bed, the SP8000™ side puller. I pulled my truck up in front of the mini van, there was just enough room in front of the van and the ditch to the right of me to fit my truck, I lined my stiff leg of the SP8000™ with what I thought the center of the pull would be so the vans bumper (what was left of it anyway) would center on the stiff leg of the puller when I winched the right front pillar toward my truck. I put the removable shive in the side puller and routed the wire rope thru it and down to the chain on the pillar of the mini van. I was still a little concerned that the van could catch fire as bad as it was smoking but I noticed the battery was smashed in the road lying next to the van. so I was pretty confident that the fuel would not be a problem.
I stood next to the victim so I could tell if I was doing a good thing or not. I used my Lodar remote control to start the winching and just as planned the dash and steering wheel started to come up off of him.
The Ambulance crew arrived about that time and I let them know that I could remove the debris without the jaws of life, the victim said I was doing good things that the pressure was coming off his legs, I held pressure on the pillar until it was clear of his legs, The Ambulance crew and the sheriff and 2 deputies took over from there, I went around to the rear of the van and removed the personal property and rear seat so the Ambulance crew could remove him and the backboard straight out of the back of the van.
He was life flighted to Missoula where he was taken to surgery for broken legs and massive internal injuries which might have killed him if quick action wasn’t employed to free him. The mans parents, the Sheriffs office and the Ambulance crew was very appreciative of my being in the right place at the right time with the right equipment. I gained new respect for a piece of equipment that cost a little more, but has paid for itself time and time again.

Bill Wise
Drummond Towin

~Drummond Towin, Montana

“The thing that first comes to mind is the confidence I have to handle what ever I am called out to do with one truck. Having a SP8000™ on my carrier took a lot of pressure off my wrecker, I expect to get several more years out of my wrecker. You would have to be insane not to own one. Just yesterday I had a paying job on the deck and was called to do winch out on the way. That’s two pay checks on one trip burning the same diesel.”

Art Nelson
Valley Towing
Mountain Home, ID

~Valley Towing, Idaho

“AWESOME PIECE OF EQUIPMENT ! We started with an SP8000™ on a carrier, and found it so useful, we added an SP20,000™ to our heavy wrecker.”

Roadway Towing

~Roadway Towing, Nevada


Big Horn Auto Body

~Big Horn Auto Body, Montana

“I am confident I can take my carrier to any call. Law enforcement and the fire department have been
impressed my carriers capabilities.”

Gordy Merriman
Bill’s Wrecker and Radiator Service
Williamston, MI

~Bill’s Wrecker and Radiator Service, Michigan

“We were skeptical until we used it the first time, we have been extremely happy with the unit. Works great on our narrow two lane roads. We are going to spec out our next heavy wrecker with a SP20,000™. Ingenious idea.”

Darin Minkler
Matanuska Towing and Recovery
Palmer, AK

~Matanuska Towing and Recovery, Alaska

“My carrier was recently involved in a serious accident and the SP8000™ took the brunt of the force. I firmly believe the SP8000™ saved my drivers life.”

Jeff’s Auto Repair and Towing
Bristolville, OH

~Jeff’s Auto Repair and Towing, Ohio

“Recovery work from the side of the truck with minimal lane blockage makes incident management simple. 8 out of 10 recovery jobs we use the SP20,000™. Aside from the incredible pulling power, the SidePuller’s weight stabilizes the truck. The weight of the SP20,000™ adds just the right amount of weight on the front axle to increase towing capacity without exceeding front axle capacity. We recently handled a recovery job on a return tow with a truck on the under reach.”

Ron Pullen
Syracuse, NY

~Ron Pullen, New York

“The two SP8000™’s have made our company more versatile and is well worth the money. When you live in the Sierra Mountains, 10 foot of snow in one month is not uncommon, so you need equipment you can count on! When we leave with an SP8000™ equipped truck, whatever recovery we are asked to do, we have the confidence that we can get the job done. The SP8000™ is the one thing we can count on!”

Russ Harris
High Sierra Towing
Donner Pass (Truckee), California

~High Sierra Towing, California

“WORKED SO WELL, we have added our 5th unit!! One thing that gives us confidence is the product support we have received from the factory. Every time we have a suggestion or a problem, our SidePuller rep has been there for us.”

Country Repair

~Country Repair, Idaho

Ron just called to say that the SP8000™ he just installed on his carrier is incredible. Ron says that the peace of mind he has knowing that with the SP8000™ on board he can do just about any job. When you make your living being dispatched 100 miles to a wreck you need the peace of mind the SP8000™ brings. I would not own another carrier without one.

Ron Fuller
Whitehall Body Shop

~Whitehall Body Shop, Montana