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In The Ditch – Our Company Culture

While attending the SWI-MA (Southwest Idaho Manufacturers’ Alliance) Chuck delivers a speech about In The Ditch and our company culture.

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New Product: In The Ditch™ Speed Shrinker


In The Ditch Towing Products introduces the revolutionary “Speed Shrinker”

Mountain Home, Idaho — October 8th, 2013 — In The Ditch Towing Products is excited to announce the most amazing innovative product in the history of the towing industry, the Speed Shrinker. This revolutionary new product designed to shrink vehicles has over $1 Billion dollars of investment behind it and has taken over 20 years of research. The Speed Shrinker is a hand-held lazer gun that beams an advanced lithium hydro flux band wave to recovery vehicles, instantly shrinking them to a manageable size to lift and place on the bed of a carrier. The Speed Shrinker can put 15 vehicles on the bed of a standard car carrier. This directly increases profits for towing professionals.

“We’re excited about the future of the towing industry,” says Chuck Ceccarelli, president of In The Ditch Towing Products. “At a very young age I was inspired by George Jetson. I think this product would make him proud.”

In The Ditch Towing Products is a leader in the towing industry with an innate drive to improve the safety and efficiency of products used by towing professionals. For more information on In The Ditch Towing Products, please visit https://www.intheditch.com

In The Ditch Towing Products creates and manufactures innovative and easy-to-use products for the Towing Industry.