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Introducing the Car Carrier Dolly Mount

September 16th, 2014 | In the Ditch


Introducing the Speed® Lube™ Spindle Speed® Dolly

July 22nd, 2014 | In the Ditch

In The Ditch Towing Products releases Speed® Lube™ Spindle Speed® Dolly for easy bearing maintenance

SLS Speed Dolly

Mountain Home, Idaho – July 18th, 2014 – In The Ditch Towing Products has released the all new SLS™ Speed® Dolly. The SLS™ Speed® Dolly is equipped with the all new SLS™ Speed Lube Spindle by In The Ditch that makes tow dolly maintenance very easy and quick. After years of development and testing on the Speed Lube™ Spindle
or SLS™, the SLS™ Speed® Dolly is now available for purchase through an authorized In The Ditch dealer. In The Ditch has been listening to its customers and found that they wanted a better way to maintain and lubricate the bearings in their Speed® Dolly sets. Current tow dolly designs push new grease into the bearing, trapping old grease and forcing seals out or the dust cap to pop off when in use.

In The Ditch has found a solution to this problem with the new SLS™ Speed® Dolly. With the Speed Lube™ Spindle system, the user pumps grease directly into the spindle on the SLS™ Speed® Dolly with a grease gun. The grease travels through the inside of the spindle, comes out behind the rear bearing and forces the old grease forward through the back side of both bearings and out the front of the SLS™ grease cap. This system allows easy lubrication maintenance to the SLS™ Speed® Dolly and forces old grease out at the same time. No more trapped old grease or forced seals.

“This has been a long term goal and vision for our company to introduce the SLS™ system to our industry. We have been testing over and over in an effort to produce the best dolly we possibly can. We believe our team has done it,” says Chuck Ceccarelli, president of In The Ditch Towing Products.

In The Ditch Towing Products is the manufacturer of American-made, quality towing equipment, organizational products and truck and shop accessories. For more information on In The Ditch and the SLS™ Speed® Dolly, please visit www.intheditch.com or find In The Ditch Towing Products on Facebook.

Capitalist Cake Walk

July 20th, 2014 | In the Ditch

As many of you know, we try to come up with the most creative and fun entertainment for our monthly company luncheons. This month was no exception! In addition to some amazing food, we had a “Capitalist Cake Walk”, where you won money instead of cakes! Take a look! If you’re ever in the area on the first Thursday of each month, stop in and join us for the fun!

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